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Transport Highways Open

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The West natural gas market saw last winter go into the books as one of the most impactful on record.  A couple of key elements tied to such a statement is that of a colder start to the 2023 Winter season, a natural gas pipeline infrastructure that was still ailing from the previous summer’s unplanned outage on El Paso and Mother Nature continuing down the path of a dry fall hydro season.  The media got a hold of such and the headlines were added pressure from the gas entities to get on board to not have this occur again which usually means overreacting and not assessing the market fundamentals. 

Figure 1 | SoCal Gas Storage Volume - Daily

In the published content, titled 'Transport Highways Open', we take a look at how the landscape has changed heading into Winter 2024 and what it means come Q1-2024 for the natural gas landscape throughout the West.....

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