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April Rays Bring.....

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MISO has a long way to go before it ranks up there with either ERCOT or California's solar penetration but the past few months are displaying an uptick in such capacity that will escalate starting in Q2-2024 and beyond.  The first impactful month in any market seeing solar growth is usually April as the power demand is moderate and the wind output ranks in the top two months of output thus driving down the net load numbers quickly.  In this new special report, titled 'April Rays Bring...', we break down the MISO market fundamentals drivers that pertain to the renewable movement that is in play.

Figure 1 | MISO's April Rays Bring.....

The mental muscles being established in Spring 2024 aroud the MISO regional marginal megawatt will pay dividends down the road as the solar growth is coming and the hourly net load profiles are going to be changing rapidly.