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April 2024 - April's Windy Ways

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April is a transitional period throughout the energy and natural gas spaces.  All across the country the end of winter prompts the switch from pulling gas molecules out of storage caverns to the rush to refill in time for summer (although much of the country is ahead of the curve this spring compared to usual).  In the Pacific Northwest and CAISO everyone is bracing for temperatures to climb enough to start the deluge of snow melting and coming off the mountains to boost hydro flows and generation.  Shoulder season maintenance has peaked or is close to peaking and generation capacity starts gearing up to return to action in the summer push.  And in markets across the country wind generation is hitting its highest levels for the year.  It's all a part of April's Windy Ways, and one of the key topics for this months Renewable Monthly Report. 

Figure 1 | ERCOT Average Hourly Solar Generation - Widening Profile by Month

One of several changes to the renewable profile tied to the spring transition period is the expansion of solar, not always up, but sometimes out as well.  This is the case within ERCOT as the solar profile widened in April, later into the afternoon.  This report dives into the changes in the renewable sphere tied to ERCOT and other markets across the country.  

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